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Extruded Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Extruded Acrylic Sheet Manufacturer

Shivana Polymers, one of the renowned clear acrylic sheet manufacturers makes a variety of crystal clear extruded acrylic sheets. The sheets are available in a wide range of color-tinted options. Acrylic sheet exporters offer a variety of applications in both commercials as well as domestic places. The sheets can be smoothly cut, shaped, and polished for specific purposes. The ease of use makes them one of the most preferred sheets in the market. Therefore, Shivana Polymers, one of the best extruded acrylic sheet manufacturers and Transparent Acrylic Sheets Manufacturers, have been making a variety of sheets for the companies because the sheets are high in demand.

Clear Acrylic Sheet Manufacturers Offering Impeccable Quality and Tremendous Durability

We supply transparent acrylic sheets that are very durable. They don’t get distorted or yellow, therefore, these sheets are preferred over glass. The acrylic sheets, supplied by us, fine acrylic sheet exporters and Transparent Acrylic Sheets Manufacturers, have much better optical quality as compared to glass. We have been manufacturing and supplying a large quantity of good-quality Extruded Acrylic Sheets to several clients across the country. The sheets are very reliable. The lightweight sheets are perfect for a variety of uses. They are easy to use and maintain and therefore, they serve as a popular substitute to glass.

Shivana Polymer - One of the Leading Transparent Acrylic Sheets Manufacturers

One of the top reasons that have made Shivana Polymers, a topmost clear acrylic sheet manufacturer is that we make sheets using the certified and tested raw material. Therefore, the sheets are very strong. They have many features, including an impact-resistant design. Acrylic sheets are almost three times sturdier than the double-strength window glass, thus, they turn out to be a good choice to replace the glass in the windows. As one of the renowned Clear Acrylic Sheet Manufacturers, we manufacture sheets which are also approximately five times more robust than the wire glass. As a leading extruded acrylic sheet manufacturer, we make sheets in various colors and sizes.

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  • Exhibition Booths
  • Interior and Exterior Lighting
  • Cosmetics
  • Museum Casings
  • Signage and Advertising
  • Aquarium
  • Gift Articles and Trophyt
  • Excellant thickness tolerance
  • Optical Clarity
  • Light weight
  • High gloss surface on both sides
  • Hard wearing
  • Weather resistant
  • Easy to bend and shape
  • Economical
  • Suitable for vacum forming
Extrusion Acrylic Sheet PLAIN 1.2 mm ~ 12 mm Upto 2100mm KRAFT MASKING PAPER OR PE MASKING

Technical Details

General Properties Conditions Test Method Unit Value
Density ISO 1183 g/cm3 1,19
Water Absorbsion (24h) 23 °C / 50% RH (24h) ISO 62 % 0,3
Moulding Shrinkage ASTM D-955 % 0,2-0,6
General PropertiesConditionsTest MethodUnitValue
Tensile Strength at Break23 °deg;CISO 527-2MPa83
Econgation at Break23 °CISO 527-2%7
Tensile Modulus23 °CISO 527-2MPa3200
Fluexural Strength at Break23 °CISO 178MPa120
Flexural Modulus23 °CISO 178MPa330
Charpy Impact Strength with Notched23 °CISO 178-1eakj/m22
Izod Impact notchedISO 178kj/m22,1
Rockwell Hardness M ScaleISO 2039-2M-scale92
General PropertiesConditionsTest MethodUnitValue
Vicat Temprature50 NISO 306°C105
Deflection temperature under load1,8 MPaISO 75°C100
Coefficeint of linear expansionISO 11359-2mm/m°C0,07
General PropertiesConditionsTest MethodUnitValue
Dielectrical StrengthDIN53481kV/mm20
Dielectrical Constantto1 KHzDIN538433,1