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Polycarbonate Base Plate

We are one of the leading manufacturers of a wide range of Polycarbonate Base Plate for wide-ranging industrial and other applications.

Our Turbo Ventilator Polycarbonate Base Plate are manufactured using Vacuum Thermoforming Machines. Only 100% virgin Polycarbonate Resin (Either Bayer or Sabic make) is used for manufacture of our premium range of Turbo Ventilator Polycarbonate Base Plate. It is provided with a thick protective Coating on both sides to help guard against the degenerating effect of the harmful Ultra Violet Rays of Sunlight.

Polycarbonate base plate an outstanding roofing material that offers superior physical properties. Polycarbonate base plate is favored by professionals for air turbo ventilator, Polycarbonate base plate high light transmission and unlimited range of profiles.